Shed Light on Compliance

NERC changes can be confusing. Spotlight Articles let you know what what changes are important and why. With LiveWire, we’ll make sure you don’t miss the important details.

Our Spotlight Articles cover changes to NERC standards and help our clients understand the operational impact of changes. These white papers help you make sense of complex changes to NERC standards. We cover everything from new standards to Compliance Application Notices (CANs) to FERC dockets and more. Most of our articles are 5-6 pages long and we start by outlining the topic of discussion and the NERC standards and functional entity types impacted by the project. This offers our clients a chance to weed through changes that don’t apply to them and prioritize accordingly.

On the first page, we provide a “snapshot” view covering the main points of the topic at hand. These are the significant parts of the project or standard change that almost everyone in your organization will want to be aware of, from managers to Subject Matter Experts.

We then offer a list of recommended actions to stay compliant. The LiveWire team is primarily a consulting group and this is the same quality advice that we have provided to our clients for years. LiveWire Spotlight subscriptions include consulting hours each month in addition to the Spotlight articles. When action or further analysis specific to your organization is required, we offer you the opportunity to use your included hours for this purpose.

Finally, the last half of the article goes into detail about the topic at hand. This typically begins with some background or history of the project and then goes into a technical discussion of the topic in a manner suitable for your SMEs. We also put the topic in the context of the current regulatory environment and show the pros and cons of the proposed change.

As part of the detail section, we will highlight and call out the important parts of the topic content. We will point out details that may be easily missed or some background that isn’t obvious to a casual reader. Even for clients who have a compliance staff poring over updates, this aspect of our service can provide significant value. With a second set of eyes analyzing NERC changes, the likelihood of missing something important decreases.

Additionally, our subscriptions are valid for your whole organization — we do not charge per user. This way, LiveWire can help you get your whole team on board with compliance and foster the “culture of compliance” that auditors look for.

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