Spotlight Articles

Spotlight on the High-Impact CIP v5 Requirements Draft 3

Spotlight on Medium-Impact CIP v5 Requirements Draft 3

Spotlight on the Low Impact CIP Version 5 Requirements Draft 3

Spotlight on NERC 2013 Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Plan (CMEP)

Spotlight on NERC Cause Analysis and Data Workshop

Spotlight on NERC 2013-2015 Standards Development Plan

Spotlight on the Definition of Adequate Level of Reliability - Draft 2

Spotlight on Paragraph 81 Initial Standards Authorization Request (Project 2013-02)

Spotlight on Protection System Maintenance Project Updates

Interpretation of BAL-002 for the NWPP Reserve Sharing Group (Project 2009-19)

Spotlight on NERC Lessons Learned - Protection System Operations

Spotlight on Proposed SAR - Transmission Equipment Winterization

Spotlight on NERC Reliability Guidelines for System Operator Verbal Communications

Spotlight on Phase 1 Glossary Updates

Spotlight on the Proposed Changes to NERC Rules of Procedure

Spotlight on Interpretation of CIP-002-3 for OGE (Project 2012-INT-05)

Spotlight on FERC NOPR To Accept The Definition of the BES

Spotlight on Interpretation of TPL-003 and TPL-004 for SPCS (Project 2012-INT-02 )

Spotlight on Standard Process Manual Modifications

Spotlight on Reliability Coordination Draft 6 Standards (Project 2006-06)

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