Spotlight Articles

Spotlight on FERC Technical Conference on the Extent of Six Wall Physical Security Perimeters

Spotlight on NOPR to Accept Version 4 CIP Standards - FERC Docket RM11-11-000

Spotlight on NOPR to Accept PRC-023-2 (FERC Docket RM11-16-000)

Spotlight on Generator/Transmission Interconnection (NERC Directive #2011-CAG-001)

Spotlight on Dismissal Analysis of Self-Reported Violations

Spotlight on NERC Functional Entity Registration Options Webinar

Spotlight on Standards Taking Effect on October 1, 2011

Spotlight on BAL-004-1 Deferral Extension Proposal

Spotlight on Proposed Changes to NERC Rules of Procedure

Spotlight on Telephony-Enabled Weakness

Spotlight on PRC-005-2 Draft 5 - Protection System Maintenance and Testing

Spotlight on the Midwest Winter Storm Report - Causes and Recommendations

Spotlight on 2012 NERC Compliance Monitoring Enforcement Program

Spotlight on Streamlined Violation Processing

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