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Spotlight on the Project 2022-01 SAR to Modify Reporting ACE Definition and Associated Terms

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight deals with the Project 2022-01 Standards Authorization Request (SAR) proposing to change the definition of Reporting Area Control Error (Reporting ACE) to allow every Interconnection to implement […]

Spotlight on the Project 2022-02 SARs – Modifications to MOD-032 and TOP-001

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight focuses on three Standards Authorization Requests (SARs) related to the long-term modeling and analysis of inverter-based systems.  The propose the following standards modifications: 1. Update TPL-001-5 to clarify […]

Spotlight on Our Analysis of NERC’s Notices of Penalty in 4Q2021

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight contains our analysis of NERC’s Notices of Penalty in 4Q2021 – providing the facts, risk appraisals, and mitigations for 22 substantive non-CIP findings reported by RFC, SERC, TRE, and […]

Spotlight on FERC’s NOPR to Develop Internal Network Security Monitoring CIP Requirements

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines FERC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) looking to act on findings from two devastatingly-successful cyber-attacks that may have been deflected if early warnings of hostile compromise had been […]

Spotlight on NERC’s 2021 Long-Term Reliability Assessment

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at NERC’s 2021 Long-Term Reliability Assessment – their most recent annual evaluation of BPS reliability, adequacy, and security over the ten-year planning horizon.  The assessment identifies five key […]

Spotlight on a CMEP Practice Guide for Physical Security Risk Assessments

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines a newly released CMEP Practice Guide which outlines the actions expected of Compliance Enforcement Authorities (CEAs) to assure uniformity in their evaluations of the physical security risk […]

Spotlight on NERC’s 2021 Frequency Response Analysis

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at NERC’s 2021 Frequency Response filing with FERC – the first year that the BAL-003-2 method is used to derive the four North American Interconnection Frequency Response […]

Spotlight on Project 2021-06 SAR Draft 2- Modifications to IRO-010 and TOP-003

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines the second revision of the Standards Authorization Request (SAR) for Project 2021-06: Operational Data Exchange Simplification.  The SAR team has tightened the focus of the original draft […]

Spotlight on a Proposed Reference Document Update – Geomagnetic Disturbance Monitoring v6

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight evaluates NERC’s efforts to make current an adjunct procedure supporting EOP-010-1, the NERC standard that governs operations preparedness for geomagnetic disturbances (GMD).  The procedure applies to a […]

Spotlight on a Draft NERC Guideline – Cyber Intrusion Guide for System Operators Version 2

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at the draft updates to a technical guideline developed by NERC’s Real-Time Operating Subcommittee in 2018 addressing the detection of cyber security breaches.  The new version leaves […]

Spotlight on FERC Order 881 Regarding Transmission Line Ratings

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines FERC Order 881, which adopts key provisions of 2020’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) to require the universal application of more precise transmission line ratings.  The […]

Spotlight on the Initial Drafts of FAC-001-4 and FAC-002-4

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at the initial drafts of FAC-001-4 and FAC-002-4 – which are intended to remove the ambiguity in the two Facility Interconnection standards regarding the identification of […]

Spotlight on Project 2021-08 SAR – Modifications to FAC-008

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight deals with a Standards Authorization Request (SAR) submitted by a NERC Registered Entity (Tri-State Generation and Transmission) looking for clarity surrounding the derivation of generator Facility Ratings in […]

Spotlight on CIP-012-2 Draft 2 – Communications Between Control Centers

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at the second draft of CIP-012-2, which adds FERC-directed controls to protect the availability of Control Center-to-Control Center data used for Real-time Assessments and monitoring.  In response […]

Spotlight on NERC’s Analysis for the Loss of EMS Functions

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines a NERC analysis of 220 Energy Management System (EMS) events where a latent failure mechanism manifested itself unexpectedly and resulted in a threat to Bulk Electric System […]

Spotlight on NERC’s Final 2022-2024 Reliability Standards Development Plan

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines NERC’s final Standards Development Plan which prioritizes the standards development activity that they expect to process between between 2022-2024 in coordination with the industry and North American […]

Spotlight on NERC’s 2021 Human Performance Webinar Session III

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at the third of four NERC Human Performance Webinar Sessions held in 2021 probing the human performance (HP) aspects of BES reliability. The Session III presenters […]

Spotlight on Project 2021-03 Transmission Owner Control Centers Field Test

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines the field test launched under Project 2021-03 that looks reassess the viability CIP-002-6 Criterion 2.12 as it applies to small Transmission Owner Control Centers.  The project team […]

Spotlight on the EPRI/NERC/NATF 2021 Planning and Modeling Seminar

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines the planning seminar co-sponsored by the North American Transmission Forum, NERC, and the Electric Power Research Institute promoting the most advanced design and deployment tools available to entities looking […]

Spotlight on the FERC/ERO Enterprise Joint Report on the February 2021 Cold Weather Event

Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines the long awaited joint FERC/ERO Enterprise Report on the causes of 4,124 generator outages, derates, or start-up failures in Texas and the south-central U.S. during last […]

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