Frequently Asked Questions

Do you track Compliance Application Notices (CANs), interpretations, and other such activity?

Yes! We constantly monitor NERC, FERC, Regional Entities, NERC committees, Project Teams, and even Cyber Security publications for information most relevant to utilities. Can’t attend a particular NERC conference or webinar? No problem! We watch NERC webinars and attend conferences, issuing Articles soon after that provide all the details you need.

Is this service similar to that provided by various law firms?

In our experience, law firms don’t have the technical background and utility experience that our team can provide. It’s one thing to understand what FERC means when they make a statement — applying the meaning of that statement into a workable compliance plan is more challenging. And that’s exactly what we do!

What if I already have compliance staff that tracks and analyzed regulatory changes?

No problem! Because our articles are for distribution within your team, they can provide a quick way for you to keep the entire team apprised of what’s on the horizon. Additionally, our team provides another set of eyes — and an objective viewpoint — on complex material. Many of our clients have several full-time compliance staff and attorneys tracking regulatory changes, but find it useful to engage a 3rd party. In addition, our documents are for distribution among your team, which saves you the trouble of drafting up a report every time something changes!

What if I already have a compliance software tool?

Our services provide an informational component to your compliance program. Software that helps you stay compliant is only one piece of the puzzle and understanding compliance changes and their meaning allows you to more effectively use your compliance software. Additionally, LiveWire articles and alerts help your team reach a common understanding of the requirements they are adhering to, ensuring consistency in your compliance program that a software tool alone cannot provide. If you are looking for a compliance software tool, the LiveWire team can help you find one suitable for your organization.

What’s the cost?

Our prices are based on an entities structure, NERC registrations, number of business units/regions, and level of service. Please contact us for a quote. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase individual articles from the website, picking and choosing those most valuable to your organization.

What if I’m not ready to pay for a subscription yet?

Don’t worry, you have a few options. You can register for FREE and you will be able to choose the individual Spotlight Articles or Spark alerts you’d like to purchase. Our mailing list sends out free and promotional articles from time to time as well as site update information and compliance news.

What if I only want some articles and alerts or just the quarterly reports?

You have a couple of options if you’re looking for a different level of service than our standard subscriptions. You can join as a free member and choose the articles you want as they come along or you can contact us to discuss what you’re looking for. We recognize that every company is different and we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to accommodate their needs whenever possible.

What are your qualifications as NERC consultants?

The LiveWire team has helped numerous clients with their compliance programs from tasks as simple as document review to full mock-audits and audit support.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes! We provide full compliance support for both “693” NERC Compliance and CIP Compliance. We also provide NERC CE Training for system operators, as well as a variety of engineering, IT, and technical services for utilities such as RTU support. Some companies even choose to engage a 3rd party to fully manage their compliance services, and we can help with as well.. Please contact us for more information!

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