Today’s LiveWire Spotlight evaluates three Regional Standards which are unique to TexasRE and WECC, but which all Clients may find helpful:

1) BAL-001-TRE-2 has achieved FERC’s approval, closing out the updates to the generator governor settings criteria in Texas RE and the process to calculate each unit’s contribution to the BA’s primary frequency response.

2) BAL-002-WECC-3 awaits FERC’s approval, but WECC must justify the removal of R2, which calls for BAs/RSGs to retain ½ of their Contingency Reserve for primary frequency response support.

3) PRC-006-5 has been posted for industry review, offering stakeholders outside of the Western Interconnection to comment on the underfrequency load shedding (UFLS) standard updates.

The initial draft of PRC-006-5 and its supporting materials are available on the WECC website for a 45-day review and concurrent ballot.  Clients have until July 6, 2020 to return their comments to the project team.