Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at the three new NERC Cold Weather standards which become mandatory and effective next month. 

  1. EOP-011-2 calls for Generator Owners to “implement and maintain” cold weather preparedness plans for its generating units.
  2. IRO-010-4 looks for Reliability Coordinators to add items to their data specification requesting the information gathered by the Generator Owner in accordance with EOP-011-2.
  3. TOP-003-5 calls for Transmission Operators to acquire the same information and apply it to their Operational Planning Analyses, Real-time monitoring, and Real-time Assessments.

EOP-011-2, IRO-010-4, and TOP-003-5 will take effect in the U.S. on April 1, 2023.  By that time, Clients must have developed their cold weather preparedness plans, updated their data specifications, and conducted training for the appropriate parties.