Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines the second Standards Authorization Request (SAR) for Project 2020-02, which will launch a development activity to replace the settings-based ride-through requirements in PRC-024-3 with performance-based ones.   This means that auditors will no longer confirm that relay and control system settings are designed to ignore transmission system transients whose duration and amplitude fall within no-trip zones defined in the standard.  They will focus instead on the Generator Owner’s success in chasing down the source of any abnormal response to a BPS fluctuation falling within an expanded no-trip criteria (i.e.; beyond just voltage and frequency waveform deviations).

The draft of the second Standards Authorization Request for Project 2020-02 – Modifications to PRC-024 (Generator Ride-through) and its supporting materials have been posted for a 30-day review.  Comments are due back to the project team by July 14, 2022.