Today’s LiveWire Spotlight focuses on three Standards Authorization Requests (SARs) related to the long-term modeling and analysis of inverter-based systems.  The propose the following standards modifications:

1. Update TPL-001-5 to clarify the consideration and modeling of BPS-connected inverter-based resources in PC and TP studies.
2. Perform similar modifications to TPL-001-5 that account for the dynamic behavior of Distribution-Side Energy Resources (DER) under contingency conditions.
3. Update MOD-032-1 to ensure that long-term Planners can collect the data they need to model aggregate levels of DER.

The initial drafts of the Standards Authorization Requests for Project 2022-01: Modifications to MOD-032 and TPL-001 and its unofficial comments form have been posted for a 30-day review.  Your feedback is due back to the project team by March 2, 2022.