Today’s LiveWire Spotlight recaps four panel sessions sponsored by the Reliability Issues Steering Committee (RISC) during a one-day WebEx assembly held to evaluate the top electric system reliability threats. 
1.    Energy Policy: Analyzed the challenges arising between Policy Makers with diverse goals, leading to capacity bottlenecks and inadequate sharing of reliability data.
2.    Security: Dealt with interdependent cyber and physical security risks aimed at BES Elements, control systems, fuel/water supply, and communications links.
3.    Grid Transformation and Impact on Resiliency: Examined strategies to refocus BES performance goals in the face of vast technology and environmental change.
4.    New Technologies: Identified key innovations the energy sector and other industries (e.g.; electric vehicles) that will affect the BPS in ways not yet well understood

The RISC will consolidate the feedback from the reliability summit and emerging risks survey in conjunction with the Reliability and Security Technical Committee.  The summary will be used in a jointly authored “2023 State of Reliability” report for release in August.