Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at the initial drafts of FAC-001-4 and FAC-002-4 – which are intended to remove the ambiguity in the two Facility Interconnection standards regarding the identification of applicable and non-applicable facility changes.  Presently, entities looking to upgrade facilities interconnected to the BES apply engineering judgement to determine if in-depth coordinated studies are required.  This inconsistency has led to mismatches between what renewables owners and system planners consider a “material modification” to be.  The new versions propose instead to assign Planning Coordinators the responsibility to define and publicly post the type of changes that are in scope.

The initial drafts of FAC-001-4 and FAC-002-4 and their supporting materials have been posted for a 45-day review and concurrent ballot.  Your feedback is due back to the project team by January 31, 2022 – and the voting ends on the same day.