Today’s LiveWire Spotlight assesses the initial draft of MOD-026-2, which looks to expand the scope of the generator model validation standards in accordance with two Standards Authorization Requests:

  1. Project 2020-06: Verifications of Models and Data for Generators calls for updates focusing on Inverter-Based Resource-specific factors that are inadequately addressed, e.g.; lack of rotational inertia, momentary cessation, and unit level voltage controls.
  2. Project 2020-02: Transmission-connected Dynamic Resources looks to account for High Voltage DC and  transmission-side equipment that provides generator-like services such as synchronous condensers, static VAR compensators, and static compensators.

The initial draft of MOD-026-2: Verification of Dynamic Models and Data for BES Connected Facilities and its supporting documents have been posted for a 45-day review.  Your feedback is due back to the project team and all ballots must be cast by July 6, 2022.