Today’s LiveWire Spotlight assesses the 2022 Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) operating plan – the fourteenth issued by NERC and the Regional Entities since they began a programmatic approach to assure that Entities meet all their reliability obligations to U.S./Canadian law.  The CMEP identifies six Risk Elements in 2021; each targeting the mitigation of easily measurable discrete risks; giving a clear indication of entity performance: Including Remote Connectivity, Supply Chain, Models Impacting Long Term and Operational Planning, Gaps in Program Execution, Protection System Coordination, and Extreme Events.

According to the CMEP, Regional Entities have the option to perform on-site audit audits in 2022.  Their audit schedules are heavily oriented to the review of high-impact BA, RC, and TOP Facilities; although WECC is showing a heightened interest in renewable plants.