Today’s LiveWire Spotlight looks at the second version of the 2020 Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) implementation plan.  Three changes have been made to the original version:

1. Monitoring Schedules (Page 1): Six links have been added under this section; one for each of the Regional Entity’s entity audit listings for this year.

2. Periodic Data Submittals (Page 2): This is a new section providing links to MRO’s, WECC’s, and NERC’s periodic data submittal schedules.

3. Loss of Major Transmission Equipment with Extended Lead Times (Page 9): The description of the Risk Element has been updated to urge planners and operators to prepare for taking preemptive action to protect hard-to-get transformers from wildfires.

The success of NERC’s risk-based program will allow its continued application in 2020.  Most of the ERO Enterprise’s focus will be on ensuring consistency between the Regions, developing guidance documents, and delivering tools that enhance program performance.