Today’s LiveWire Spotlight evaluates the latest ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report.  2019 marks a major transition in the annual study performed by the Reliability Issues Steering Committee (RISC) evaluating the top reliability threats to the electricity industry, including the following:

  1. Adds input from industry forums, trade associations, the Reliability Leadership Summit, and a survey that gathered historically only from RISC members.
  2. Consolidates the ten risk profiles identified in 2018 down to four in order to simplify the high-level discussions on risk identification and remediation.
  3. Refocuses on using forward-looking methods to predict BPS event probabilities and impacts due to flaws in the regulatory, economic, and geopolitical landscape.

The initial draft of the 2019 ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report is available for a twenty-day stakeholder review and commentary period.  Feedback must be returned to Tina Buzzard at tina.buzzard@nerc.net by October 4, 2019.