Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines the second revision of the Standards Authorization Request (SAR) for Project 2021-06: Operational Data Exchange Simplification.  The SAR team has tightened the focus of the original draft on the two objectives that will be given to a Standards Drafting Team (SDT):

  1. Revise IRO-010-4 and TOP-003-5 and the associated definitions in NERC’s Glossary to reduce the administrative burdens of excessive data retention.
  2. Identify and consolidate redundant data element exchange requirements in other NERC standards – twelve candidates are listed in the SAR.

The second draft of the Standards Authorization Request for Project 2021-06: Modifications to IRO-010 and TOP-003 and its unofficial comments form have been posted for a 30-day review.  Your feedback is due back to the SAR team by February 9, 2022.