Today’s special edition of  LiveWire Spotlight evaluates two work items that have been given to the Standards Development Team (SDT) assigned with modifying the CIP standards that identify the BES systems that must be protected from cyber/physical attacks.  The first SAR looks to add Electronic Access Control or Monitoring Systems (EACMS); Protected Cyber Assets; and Physical Access Control Systems to CIP-002’s impact categorization rules.  The second SAR proposes updates to the BES cyber system applicability criteria in CIP-002 and CIP-014 to align with the near-term planning horizon limits modified under Project 2015-09.

The initial drafts of the two Standards Authorization Requests for Project 2021-03: CIP-002 Transmission Owner Control Centers and its unofficial comments form have been posted for a 30-day review.  Your feedback is due back to the project team by December 21, 2022.