Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines the initial Standards Authorization Requests (SARs) for Project 2021-01.  There are three that look to enhance the accuracy of two types of generator validations, particularly in inverter-based applications.

  1. MOD-025 generator real and reactive power capability issues captured by the Power Plant Modeling Verification Task Force.1.
  2. PRC-019 generation capability, control system, and relay coordination flaws identified the System Protection and Control Subcommittee.
  3. Will consider the applicability of transmission-side resources and DC systems to both standards – gaps identified by the System Analysis & Modeling Subcommittee.

The initial drafts of the Standards Authorization Requests for Project 2021-01: Modifications to MOD-025 and PRC-019 and their unofficial comments form have been posted for a 30-day review.  Your feedback is due back to the project team by April 2, 2021.