Today’s LiveWire Spotlight assesses NERC’s latest Frequency Response Filing, which analyzes the calculation of the Interconnection Frequency Response Obligations (IFROs) that will be apportioned out to Balancing Authorities next year.  Only Texas’ IFRO value will change in 2020 – a negative 44 MW/0.1 Hz increase caused by a reduction in the credit for load resources.  All others will remain static for the fourth straight year until flaws in the IFRO equation found in 2016 are corrected.

Due to the freeze in IFRO, only Texas-based BAs (ERCOT) will need to re-calculate Frequency Bias Settings for 2020.  BAL-003-1.1’s other requirements are not affected, i.e.; each BA must still ensure their Frequency Response meets the Frequency Obligation.