Today’s LiveWire Spotlight examines FERC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) declaring their intent to require Transmission Owners to deliver more precise and transparent line ratings.  The Commission seeks to update the pro forma Open Access Transmission Tariff, the NAESB wholesale electric quadrant business practices, and NERC standards as needed to call for ambient-adjusted line ratings (AARs) that vary with local air temperature.  In addition, the NOPR proposes that every ISO/RTO must upgrade their SCADA and EMS platforms to accommodate dynamic line ratings (DLRs) – citing striking results from roll-outs which adapt to weather, power flow, line tension, and other factors in real time

FERC’s proposal to require TOs and the ISOs/RTOs to accommodate advanced transmission line ratings has been posted for a 60-day public review.  A due date has not been established in the Federal Register, but comments should be returned to the Commission by mid-January.