Today’s LiveWire Spotlight assesses the initial posting of BAL-001-TRE-2 which proposes three substantive changes addressing issues that were discovered after the original version was implemented and requiring work arounds to correct them.
1.    Removes the governor deadband and droop setting requirements for steam turbines that are part of a combined cycle configuration.
2.    Codifies ERCOT’s procedure requiring their approval before a frequency event can be removed from calculation of a GO/GOP’s primary frequency response score.
3.    Removes the “Nuclear” and “Coal and Lignite” line items from the droop setting table.  These are fuel types that operate as steam turbines.

The initial draft of BAL-001-TRE-2 and its supporting materials are available on the Texas RE website for a 45-day review and concurrent ballot.  Clients have until January 6, 2019 to return their comments to the project team.