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LiveWire started in 2009 as we saw our consulting clients struggling under the burden of monitoring and assessing changes to NERC standards. Since then, the task has grown even more complex. Information needed to properly monitor compliance is scattered across numerous websites, e-mail lists, and documents. Even for those customers able to monitor all NERC, FERC, and relevant regional activity, the problem of how to sift through pending changes for the important bits still remains. Even more complicating is trying to determine an approach to comply with the new changes and then how to prove compliance on an ongoing basis. That’s where LiveWire comes in.

At LiveWire, our team of experts continually monitors and tracks all relevant industry and regulatory news that has an impact on compliance. From Standards Under Development to Compliance Applications Notices (CANs), to special task forces, we cover it all. We even track legislative activity that may impact the industry in the future. But it’s not enough to merely track the changes. While many NERC Compliance Services will monitor the changes for you, only LiveWire provides detailed recommendations of how to get compliant and stay compliant with the new regulations – this is what sets us apart from other services that offer a “NERC Newsletter” or “NERC Bulletin” service. The LiveWire team is comprised of engineers and utility industry experts that are well-positioned to understand and explain how new regulations will actually impact operations — and what you should do about them.

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Our LiveWire Spotlight service provides twice-weekly articles, or whitepapers, that provide a summary of changes coming from NERC. In addition to summarizing these changes, we provide several recommended actions and then discuss, in detail, the history and application of the changes. We believe this is a unique service that no other “NERC Monitoring” service offers. As part of the service, we also offer several included monthly consulting hours to provide a flexible resource for your compliance needs as well as four quarterly reports each year that cover trends in compliance.

Finally, all of our subscriptions are good for your entire company — we do not charge per reader. Many clients already have a staff member (or several) who monitors NERC activity, but the reality is that everyone must be aware of compliance demands — not just compliance managers. A LiveWire subscription allows you to get your whole team on the same page and foster the “culture of compliance” that auditors look for.

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