Today’s LiveWire Spotlight evaluates NERC’s Cyber Security Transition Guidance which explain how Responsible Entities can implement the Version 5 cyber security (CIP) standards in a manner acceptable to the ERO’s Compliance and Enforcement organization.
  • CIP V5 Transition Guidance describes how CIP V5 requirements can serve as a proxy for their CIP V3 counterparts during the transition period.
  • V3-V5 Compatibility Tables capture those V5 requirements in a spreadsheet that are “new” or “mostly compatible” with V3 – one tab for each CIP standard.
The transition guidance document is not affected by the V6 updates ordered by FERC.  High and Medium-Impact BES Cyber Systems must comply by 4/1/16; Low-Impact ones by 4/1/17.  The Regions expect to begin accepting V5 TFEs on October 1, 2015.