Today’s LiveWire Spotlight article addresses recent actions taken by NERC in response to FERC’s rejection of the industry approved version of TPL Table 1, footnote ‘b’. They have proposed modifications to the footnote – which appears in all four in-effect TPL Standards – to address the insufficiencies identified by FERC in Docket RM06-16-009. In addition, the ERO has issued a data request to establish the BES reliability exposure from in-place single contingency planning scenarios allowing Firm Demand to be shed.

Although the project applies mostly to Planning Coordinators and Transmission Planners, Protection System owners may be impacted as well.

The latest version of TPL Table 1, footnote ‘b’ is posted on the NERC website. Clients have until August 29, 2012 to return comments to the project team; responses to the planning survey are due one day later.