Today’s LiveWire Spotlight article concerns Project 2009-19, which responds to three questions posed by the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP) Reserve Sharing Group to clarify the magnitude of contingencies which are subject to BAL-002’s Disturbance Control Performance requirements. The project team has proposed a new set of responses in the second draft which significantly change the wording and intent of the original interpretation.

Although this project applies mostly to Balancing Authorities and Reserve Sharing Groups, all Compliance Managers may be interested in the successful appeal by the ISO/RTO Council – who objected to the suspension of Project 2009-09 in October, 2010. It has implications to other projects which have also been suspended by NERC.

The second draft of the interpretation of BAL-003 is currently posted for a 40 day review and concurrent ballot. Clients have until 9/4/12 to return comments to the project team and to vote on the proposed wording.