Today’s LiveWire Spotlight is on FERC Docket RM11-11-000, which proposes to accept the bright-line identification of Critical Assets through the criteria developed in CIP-002-4. This will replaces the risk-based methodology introduced when CIP-002-1 took effect – and has been inconsistently applied ever since. The docket further directs NERC and the industry to move quickly to a cutting-edge Cyber System-based approach, which will be introduced in the Version 5 CIP Standards. It is possible that the Version 4 standards might be glossed over entirely

FERC’s proposal to accept CIP-002-4 through CIP-009-4 is posted for public review. Clients have until November 15, 2011 to submit comments on the action and/or the directives concerning the Version 5 Standards. We would be glad to assist you in submitting comments!