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Today’s LiveWire Spotlight is on the NERC GO-TO Compliance Process Directive #2011-CAG-001, the initial draft of an interim policy to ensure long or complex generator/transmission interconnections are managed to a subset of Transmission Owner and Transmission Operator reliability requirements. It has been driven by FERC’s rulings in Dockets RC11-1-000 and RC11-2-000 affirming the forced registration of two GO/GOPs as TO/TOPs.

Comments are due back to NERC on Directive #2011-CAG-001 by 10/27/11. In addition, the latest versions of Project 2010-07’s GO-TO Standards and support materials are posted for a 45 day review and ballot – ending November 18, 2011.

LiveWire Spotlight on NERC Directive 2011-CAG-001 sample

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