Today’s LiveWire Spotlight is on FERC Docket IN11-1-000, which announces the results of FERC’s settlement with WECC for a BES event in the Pacific Northwest on February 14, 2008. WECC was levied a $350,000 fine for improper oversight of a major energy imbalance, which actually resulted from the actions of the predecessor Reliability Coordinator – who has since transferred its function and liabilities to WECC. FERC’s investigation of this outage and the subsequent penalty assessment is instructive to all Clients who plan, own, operate, and arrange delivery of energy services.

The settlement documented in FERC Docket 1N11-1-000 took effect in early June. Upon collection of the penalty dollars, no further punitive actions will be taken.

LiveWire Spotlight on FERC Docket IN11-1-000 – WECC Disturbance Penalty sample

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