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LiveWire Compliance can provide everything you need to get compliant and stay compliant with ever-changing NERC standards.

LiveWire Compliance offers a variety of NERC Compliance solutions for the Electric power industry.

Our LiveWire Spotlight articles are whitepapers on NERC compliance topics that are issued twice a week. Our experts continually monitor and assess compliance changes coming from NERC, FERC, the regional entities, standards drafting teams, and congressional task forces to make sure that our Spotlight articles contain the most up-to-date compliance information for our clients. Our Spotlight articles start with a summary of the major compliance changes as well as any action required on your part. Our articles then offer suggested actions for our clients to stay compliant. Finally, our article covers the details of the topic at hand, from history to technical explanation, in a manner appropriate for your SMEs. Spotlight Articles can be purchased individually right here on our website or you can purchase a LiveWire Spotlight subscription.

A Spotlight subscription includes:

  • Spotlight Articles twice a week
  • Quarterly Reports (see below)
  • Consulting Hours each month

Each quarter, our team of experts publishes reports in PowerPoint form that cover trends in compliance over the past quarter as well as expected actions for the upcoming quarter. These provide a quick snapshot of the current regulatory landscape and offer a fantastic option for managers and executives who need to be aware of compliance but don’t need the level of detail provided by the Spotlight articles. All subscribers to our LiveWire Spotlight service receive customized quarterly reports so that everyone — from compliance managers to executives — has the information they need to deal with compliance. Quarterly reports can also be purchased individually right here on our website. To view available quarterly reports, please click here. If you’d like to be notified of our Quarterly Reports, please sign up for our mailing list.
LiveWire Spark provides brief, action-oriented alerts when significant activity comes from NERC or FERC. These are usually issued several times per week and provide a snapshot view compared to the Spotlight articles. Many of our clients find that Spark and Spotlight together offer the best overall NERC compliance coverage and we do offer discounts when signing up for both services.

LiveWire offers NERC compliance consulting services in conjunction with our publications and also as a standalone service.

Spotlight and Spark subscriptions include consulting hours to provide a flexible compliance resource for your team. Our NERC experts can assist you with document review, provide compliance Q&A webinars for your team, provide drafting teams stakeholder comments on your behalf, or assist with virtually any other compliance need you have. Have a larger compliance project you’d like some help with? No problem, we do that too! Simply contact us to request a consultation and we’ll be glad to help.

With our online training platform, we offer online training for NERC continuing education credits for System Operators. Are you in need of NERC Compliance Software to help you manage your NERC compliance? If so, we can help with that too! Please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you find the right solution for your organization.

Ready to see what LiveWire can do for you? Subscribe to one of our monthly subscription packages and we’ll give you a one-month trial run that is risk-free. Not ready to sign up? No problem — just browse all articles that are available for purchase and choose the ones you want. Sign up for our free mailing list and we’ll give you a $200 credit for our online store!

If you have inquiries about any other services (consulting, NERC training, etc) please contact us!